Please contact the following address:

https://[account name][username]&password=[password]

please pay attention!

  • The data should be sent in UTF8
  • All data should be sent by POST
  • Content type: application / x-www-form-urlencoded must be used


field name type descriptionPossible values defult must
client_name varchar customer name yes
client_email varchar customer email yes
client_idn varchar customer ID no
client_business_idn varchar עוסק מורשה no
client_address varchar customer address no
client_phone varchar phone no
client_city varchar city no
client_lang char 2 Document language en|he he no
client_birthday date dateof birth dd/mm/yyyy no
total_payment decimal The final amount for the actual payment yes
vat_type varchar עוסק מורשה או פטור חייב במע"מ = "DEFAULT"

פטור ממע"מ = "FREE"

[]items array Product lines that were purchased yes
items name varchar product name yes
items code varchar SKU no
items price decimal The actual product price to be charged per unit yes
items quantity decimal Quantity yes
send_invoice varchar Should send a work order to the customer TRUE/FALSE FALSE no
pay_url varchar If you want to use this API for a payment page, send "TRUE" and then at the end of the page it will return the same parameter with a URL so that you can refer the customer to the payment page. TRUE/FALSE FALSE no
pay_success_callback_url varchar If the pay_url parameter was sent with TRUE, and an entry was entered in this parameter with a return address for information on making the payment, then at the end of the payment by the customer, the system will refer to this URL in POST with the following parameters:
"doc_type" => doc name,
"doc_id" => doc number,
"sum" => amount,
"work_order_number" => מספר הזמנה עבורה הופק המסמך (מספר זה נשלח בפניה הראשונה ל API וישמש לצורך שיוך/התאמה בין ההזמנה המקורית שנוצרה לבין התשלום.
connect_to_project  project_id number Project ID no
connect_to_project description text no
connect_to_project amount float Amount to be charged including VAT כן אם הוכנס ערך בשדה project_id
connect_to_project start_date date start date CURDATE no
connect_to_project finish_date date end date no
connect_to_project reminder_before_days number A reminder before the end of the days no
connect_to_project billing_type number Billing type*
  • 0 – לפי הגדרת משימה
  • 2 – מחיר קבוע
  • 5 – לא לחיוב
מחיר קבוע כן אם הוכנס ערך בשדה project_id
connect_to_project billing_recurring number Periodicity**
  • 0 – חד פעמי
  • 1 – חודשי
  • 2 – שנתי
  • 3 – דו-שנתי
  • 4 – שבועי
חד פעמי no
connect_to_project recurring_from date First billing date ת.צירוף של לקוח לפרויקט no
connect_to_project num_of_payment number Number of charges no
connect_to_project payment_notes text Payment notes no
connect_to_project comments text notes no
connect_to_project issue_billing_cycles number Number of cycles to generate a charge, 1 for a one-time charge no
test varchar Test – will print to the screen the parameters sent without continuation test no




The answer you will get is in JSON format.

In case of success:

code HTTP : 200

work_order_number – order number exsample. לדוגמה: {'work_order_number': 10005}

pay_url – Only if the API referral contained TRUE in this parameter, an address for referring the customer to payment will be returned.


In case of failure:

code HTTP : 400-599

Error Message – error


{'error': 'Incorrect business number'}


במידה והתקבלו פרמטרים של הוראת קבע, הגדרות החיוב של הלקוח בפרויקט יקבעו על פי פרמטרים אלו.